Carluccio’s Company Softball



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Welcome to the new, improved and expanded Carluccio’s Company Softball programme.

Following the success of the past two summers, we have set out to expand the league from the current 22 teams playing to upwards of 70 teams for summer 2016, with teams forming from Carluccio’s restaurants all over the country. Working with the Graduate Management Trainees at Carluccio’s to plan and organise the softball, hopefully this year will not only be bigger but feel more like your programme.

The softball programme will initially be split into ten playing divisions with events taking place in London, Farnham Park, Cambridge, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Brighton and Bristol. Teams will then qualify for the Grand Finals to be played in central London in July.

The Carluccio’s Company Softball Programme 2016 will launch on Thursday, 02 June 2016 in Central London. The following weeks will see teams from right across the country taking part in regional competitions to try and qualify for the finals. Hopefully you will have a lot of fun, make new friends and take the most of the opportunity to get out into the parks to play some softball.

All of the fixtures, results and standings can be found on this page and remember that the Team Captains will be able to send information to their teams in the run up to practices and matches!